Saturday, June 9, 2007

Terrible run today, but I'm not worried about it. Yesterday's 6ish miles felt great. Today's 6ish were a struggle but I'm giving myself a break since first, I'm not accustomed to running two days in a row and second, the humidity is cranked up today. Plus it's tough to spoil a beautiful morning like this one. In spite of the humidity, the temperature is nice, the sky is clear and the flowers and greenery seem bright and refreshed after yesterday's rain.

MOB and I checked out the grand opening of a new "gastro pub" at the corner of 14th and Peachtree called TAP. The beer selection is fantastic - off the top of my head, Chimay, Corsendunk, St. Bernadus, and a couple of TAP's own brands brewed by the Atlanta Brewing Company. Many others that I don't recall. Reasonably priced. We'll be back for more.

I need to get a sketch done this weekend to meet my goal of at least one sketch per week. Not sure what I'll get around to doing but look for something soon.

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