Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I'm not crazy about this sketch done in Charleston, but it's the only one I got to last week, so I have to post it. I realized during this sketch that the fine and super fine markers or watercolor markers, or even just pen and watercolor, would have been much better for this outdoor drawing.

Though the sketch isn't fantastic, Charleston was. This was done in Battery Park. The breeze coming off the bay while relaxing under the shade trees was a wonderful contrast to the warm, sunny walk down historic King Street to get here.

I'll try to post about Charleston later, but wanted to get my weekly sketch assignment in. I came across two new blogs today that prompted this post - Pen and Ink expressed the same issue I was having with scanning from my sketchbook (which was resolved by suggestions in her comments.) And Draw Anyway reminded me that even if it's a bad sketch, it's good practice and a learning experience. I'll chalk this one up to that category.

On the running front, took a break Fri-Monday but put in roughly a 9 mile bike ride over the Cooper River bridge and around Charleston, along with uncounted miles of walking. Got a decent six-miler in today. I've added the core training back in and managed to fit in a number of sit-ups over the weekend to try to counteract all the junk I was eating. All of this along has left me feeling quite worn out. I'm still feeling sluggish during my runs. Hope my body adjusts to this heat and activity soon.

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