Monday, June 11, 2007

Here's the sketch for last week. I don't love it but at least I got to play with my markers. I prefer to do people and figures - but I did enjoy playing around with the perspective of this car. That warped, fun-house mirror effect was intended. I was sitting very close to the front tire of the car and drew it the way the perspective appeared to me. I could have corrected it to look more normal, but I liked the way this looked. I think it works well with the colored marker cartoony look.

I need to work on cross hatching with colored markers. Here's a model from someone who knows what he's doing with markers. For practice, I may start copying his pictures or the style of his pictures just to practice the technique a little. It would just be to learn how to work with the markers - not to claim as my own. I don't think I'll post any of those here just to be sure no one gets confused over that.

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