Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The last run

I finally synched up my treo to load these pictures of my last run in midtown from my old condo... it was a good one. I'll miss being able to walk out the door and have midtown at my feet. (Though lately the whole rising crime rate thing has made me grateful I've moved on.)

These were taken back in May.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Denmark was a great time. The wedding was fun and a learning experience about Danish customs at the same time. The family we stayed with were terrific hosts. We didn't know what to expect of Denmark before we went, not having heard much about it, and there was much more to see and do than we imagined. And the culture seems to have a real sense of whimsy that I like.
I came back with the second worst cold I've ever had, but still I ran a 10K on Labor Day that we had signed up for ahead of time. I ran with my sister the first two miles and then on my own the rest. I didn't do too bad considering that and my cold. However, I've been taking a little break from running since then to try to get over this cold.