Saturday, June 2, 2007

Even though I've been running regularly, I have not been on any training program since the Nashville Half. Each weekend I just run according to what I feel like. Time to change that. I am going to start tracking my miles here again because from week to week, I don't remember the mileage of the last run and have no way of judging how far the current run should be.

Today I did about 8 1/2 - 9 miles on the Georgia Marathon route. 8/1 intervals with the knee strap and it felt pretty good.

After that, MOB and I walked (a mile round trip) to the art supply store and I picked up the supplies I was just whining about in the last post. I bought some artist pens. I've never worked in ink much but I've been inspired by a couple of artist blogs (tkane and ice-cream monster toon cafe) to try them out. I just played around with them for a few minutes and here is one page from the sketchbook. So far I like the super-fine marker best. I did some color pen too but that photo came out too blurred.

I won't have time today to paint at all. Tomorrow through Wednesday, I'll be taking the train to a conference downtown each day. Hm, maybe I'll bring these pens along and see if I can sketch people without intruding too much.

I want to try to adhere to the advice that I am reading that you have to constantly be trying to sketch, paint, whatever to keep yourself in the "flow" (for lack of a better word) of making art. It really is hard though.

Somehow I've been able to fit running into my week on a regular basis. I used to have the same complaints about that as I have now about fitting in the art-making. But now it is a part of my weekly routine. I want to try to get sketching and painting into my routine without having to sign up for art classes to be disciplined about it. Maybe some goals, like I give myself for running, would help. Just like a beginner runner, I need to work up from some easy miles though. So, for now, my goal will be just to sketch more often. At least once a week to start with. Even if it means sketching these damn cats or my own foot. And I'll post here for some sense of accountability.

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