Friday, June 8, 2007

Taking Marta to the conference over the last four days turned out to be very convenient. I never had to wait more than 3 or 4 minutes for the train except for on Sunday. I was only on it for about 4 or 5 stops to get to the 5 Points station and then one stop over to the GWCC - so there was never time to pull out the sketch book and draw people. Plus, I might be a bit paranoid, but I try not to attract attention when riding Marta and staring at someone 3 feet away over my sketchbook might not have been a great idea.

There weren't too many crazy people this week. There were a couple of annoying Paris Hilton wannabe's who got on the northbound train at Peachtree Center Monday afternoon. A couple of girls around 20 with the bug-eye sunglasses, speaking loudly about their globe-trotting plans, clarifying every other word by adding "like" before it. It was "like" nails on a chalkboard to me. I usually love listening to people's stories about travel - if they had been whispering to each other I would have been straining to listen in. I just find loud people who don't speak well very annoying. Worse than the guy at the 5 Points station who kept yelling loudly "if I had a girlfriend, I'd beat her!" Not a great way to advertise your availability, but at least he was grammatically correct.

The only sketching I did was on Sunday - trying out my markers on the nearest model available - MOB on the phone with his parents. The scan came out blurry... but I like the perspective emphasizing his legs coming at me... he's got great runner's legs.

Speaking of running... yeah, well, not such a great training week. One glass of wine too many on Sunday night meant not such a great run Monday morning. I managed 3 miles. Was supposed to run last night but the heat, my lack of hydration, combined with "that time of the month" gave me a poor excuse to postpone it until this morning. That makes it three days with no running this week. I did get a 5ish mile bike ride in on Mon or Tuesday night though. I'm off to run now. God speed!

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