Saturday, July 21, 2007

Today's route.
10.30 pace. I was kind of surprised that it came out that slow, it felt like I was running a decent clip, but then - look at these hills!

Around 8am as as I entered Piedmont Park, the previous night's rain was steaming up from the ground like a thick fog and I heard the sound of a bagpipe floating across the lake. There were no events today in the park and not many people out at this time yet. I expected to find someone decked out in the traditional Scottish kilt, but instead, I saw the bagpiper in t-shirt and shorts practicing by the side of the lake. It made for a nice start to the run.

At 8 miles, I had to make a decision - turn left and go another 4 as planned, taking me down the Freedom Path, with not much shade and more hills or turn right and take the shady, downhill path home. Looking at the map now, I realize why I decided turned right at that point.

By the time I came back to the park, cars were lined up trying to get into the small parking lot and there were tons of people everywhere - soccer, volleyball, softball, bootcamps, runners, walkers, dog-walkers. The bag-piper was long gone. All the foggy steam had evaporated off leaving a bright blue sky and a pleasant breeze. Nice day.

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