Saturday, July 14, 2007

12.3 today. The first 10 were great, the last 2.3 were a struggle. I am beginning to wonder if I should carry some kind of gel with me to help me once I pass that 10 mile mark. I usually have a bowl of Cheerios before I go out on these long runs and that seems to help my energy level for those first 10 miles. After that wears off though, I really feel like I am running on empty. I will have to be careful in what I choose though, because I have a very sensitive stomach - especially to sugary stuffs.

I am happy that there hasn't been any knee pain to speak of.

During the Wednesday runs with the speed demons, another runner and I discussed whether it was our aerobic capacity that was holding us back. The legs feel okay, but the heart and lungs just can't seem to work hard and fast enough to keep up. I guess that will improve if I continue to run with them, but I wonder if there are other things I can start doing to help. Yeah, like I have the time for it even if there was!

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Anne said...

That sounds about the right point for the glycogen to be depleted. In this weather, it also could be electrolytes. Make sure you drink more than water on those long runs or you'll feel fatigued after awhile too, oh melon avoider.