Saturday, July 28, 2007

For whatever reasons and none of them good probably, I didn't run since last Saturday. My motivation is still low. I love the Wednesday night group, but I realized today that while the challenge they offer is going to ultimately improve my running, it's a bit demotivating and demoralizing to always be the last one in. I need to add something to my training, like a few 5 or 10Ks to get some sense of accomplishment out of all this hard training. Any half or full marathons that I had in the plans for this year are no longer in the picture. I'll be scouting around to figure out what else is out there for me.

Today I decided to do something completely different for a Saturday. No long run. Instead I tried some impromptu tempo training, without any training plan in place for what I'm trying to accomplish. I'll try to get around to creating a time-improvement training plan for either a 10K or half marathon. I'll try to get back into marathon training towards the end of the year with the Georgia Marathon in March 2008. (Hm, the word "try" has appeared several times in this last paragraph. I'm blocking out the little yoda voice that is at the moment saying "there is no try, there is only do...")

Here's my stats for today's run.
Time: 10am, Terrain: flat, stayed in Piedmont Park the whole time, ran a mile warm-up and 3 1/2 mile repeats at the running track and a mile cool-down. Weather: warm and very humid, some light rain. Total mileage: 3.5

8.04 roughly 1 mile
1 minute rest
4.11 1/2 mile
2.41 minute rest
4.10 1/2 mile
3.47 rest
4.19 1/2 mile
4.23 rest
8.41 roughly 1 mile

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