Saturday, January 19, 2008

Map my fitness

The weather is not cooperating with me this weekend. If I run today, it will be a wintry mix of rain and snow, but the temperature will be 37 degrees. If I wait til tomorrow, it will be sunny but the temperature will be 20 degrees and possibly icy. What to do, what to do?!

Here's my planned route - it follows the marathon route. I signed up on this Map My Fitness site a long time ago, right before I injured my knee and had to stop running for a while. I forgot about it when I started back. I think I'll start using it more. With the other mapping site I was using, I bookmarked the route to my local computer, but that's no help when I'm over at MOB's trying to plan a run. Plus, this site has nicer editing options to go in and update a route, copy a route, etc. You can also find other people's routes that they've saved in the same area. Pretty cool.


Doc26.2 said...

MapMyRun is a good site for mapping, except when you "search" for other runs it only shows them as a point - not like superimposed routes, i think that would be cooler. It lacks a good logging feature too - I've tried out a few and really like . Its great if you use the Nike+ footpod but is good for manual entry too. It incorporates some mapping features.

If you have a Forerunner the best seems to be .

Anne said...

When I hear those weather options, I think of only one thing: loops. Running 3- to 5-mile loops when it's icy or pouring makes me feel safer from suffering hypothermia if I get too far out and fall. Did you end up dong the route you devised -- fall free?

(And I loved the first half of the There will Be Blood post ... read to the Spoiler Alert so thank you for the shoutout and for not spoiling it for those of us yet to see the movie.)

Anne said...

Hopefully you figured out I meant doing and not dong. That sounds so salacious.

Rundoodle said...

I'll check out the - thanks for the tip! It's amazing how many sites there are to serve us runners now.

Funny, I ddn't even notce the mssing 'i' Anne! I always enjoy a good typo.