Sunday, August 3, 2008

Running blog?

Although this blog started off with the intent of writing about my measly efforts at running and making art, it appears that I've had writers block on those two topics lately. I have been doing a little of both, although with maybe a little less intensity and focus these past few months.

After the marathon last March, it was a relief not to have such a huge commitment to train for. I relaxed into easy 3 mile runs about 3 times a week for a couple of months. Sometime around April or May, my sister (here in Georgia) took up running and so we've been getting together on the weekends to run.

It was her enthusiasm about running the Peachtree that kept me interested in doing it with her this year. I might not have done it otherwise. And I'm fairly certain it was my last Peachtree. Two key factors go into that - 1) No longer living at the finish line now makes transportation more of a hassle - I really don't want to take a MARTA train packed in with 50,000 sweaty runners back to my starting point. Too gross for me. 2) I was disappointed to see literally hundreds and hundreds of people with race numbers lined up along the first mile, jumping in after the start, bypassing the controlled start that the race normally follows. People - if you don't want to deal with a crowded race, don't sign up for it!

I've run two other 10ks this summer and my times are a lot slower these days. I'm finally starting to feel motivated to work on that. No more marathons for me. I'm going to focus on 10ks and half-marathons for a while and just try to get faster.

And just a final word about running. The area of Atlanta I am now temporarily living in has the biggest baddest hills I've ever run on and it is a struggle! I miss my midtown routes! I'm looking forward to moving in late October.

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Anne said...

They did the same thing the last time I ran the Marine Corps Marathon, only these impatient people barged in just prior to the red carpet start and then creating a HUGE bottleneck for those of us who crossed thereafter and were forced to an abrupt stop because, of course, these were slow runners or walkers. Arghhh.

Hills are good training. Remember that next time you struggle up that one.