Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Running away (for a bit)

We leave for Denmark this afternoon to attend a friend's wedding. So excited.

The cooler weather has left us and it's hot again. School is back in and 7am traffic, when I like to run, is god-awful. There are no sidewalks on the route I like to run - not even any shoulders to speak of.

Drivers around here are horrible. I've been grumbling a lot lately. Even as a pedestrian trying to cross the street at a crosswalk, with the correct light - I feel like I've got a big bulls-eye on me. I swear I'm going to get killed in this traffic around here. Drivers give no indication that they recognize pedestrian right-of-way. They glare at me as they race around corners, cutting me off in the middle of a cross-walk. Not only bad drivers, but rude drivers.

Largely due to that, I've been looking into programs at the Y to get me off the streets. I may try a swimming clinic in early September.

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