Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Computer randomness

Since I've moved into my now-husband's apartment while we wait for our townhouse to be built, my home-office is now in the guest room where my husband keeps his computer. We've moved things around so my work desk is now perpendicular to his computer desk. And since I occasionally need to use my personal laptop, we've set up a tv tray perpendicular to the other side of my work desk. The chair sits in the middle of this make-shift operations center. I spend my day swiveling from one computer to the other depending on what I have to do.

We've been talking about the need to buy a new laptop for home use. Theoretically, my husband thinks it will replace his and my current personal computers, which are a bit old. However, my personal laptop is loaded to the brim with tons of unnecessary applications that would be so much trouble to reinstall on the new computer. Sure, it makes some kind of noise like an idling lawn-mower and will probably explode in a puff of dust and smoke one day soon. And it weighs about 15 pounds. I am excited about getting a new laptop. Maybe just a little anxious about letting go of the old one.

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