Friday, May 18, 2007

Not quite yet

Well, I got rid of the pink streak on her face but unfortunately I didn't get much else done on this yesterday. I was very motivated and excited to finish this painting up, but when the brush hit the canvas, it just didn't happen.

Part of the problem is that I ran out of that nice Oriental Green color that I had been using. I think the background needs it for the model to make sense. Anyway, I hope that all that remains can be finished up without the model. I'm a little concerned about the hair too. It's begining to look smudgy.

It's a learning process! I've always struggled with backgrounds for portraits. They serve no purpose but to fill the rest of the canvas up. But they must be done.

The teacher suggested the following:
- soften the jaw line
- add some more middle tone shading to show the roundness of the neck
- add an angle to the earlobe, it's too round right now
- when I do the background, soften the edges on the models right shoulder.

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