Sunday, May 20, 2007

no more titles

Okay, the Little Five Points art "festival" (was it really advertised as a "festival" somewhere?) turned out to include 3 painters of varying abilities, 1 jewelry table, and 1 vodka promotional table. Did I miss anything? This little event would be quite easy to miss and I'd even encourage you to. Not that I mind going to Little Five just to for people-watching and bohemian shopping excursion, but I wouldn't recommend going just for the non-festival.

We arrived in L5P crossing paths with a hasher throwing a chalk trail on the ground. I've heard of hashing (never anywhere as much as on Paulie's blog) so it was kind of interesting to witness the trail being laid. It got more interesting later on our way out when the hashers-who-follow-the-trail (there is probably hasher-speak that I'm not clued in to name these people properly) arrived on the scene, scampering in various directions trying to figure out where their trail had disappeared to (answer: down the parking alley.) I don't think I would enjoy that kind of confusion while running, though I've heard good things about the drinking that takes place afterward.

A little later, we drove by a "Yogathon" happening at Piedmont Park. I don't think I mentioned that a few weeks ago I ran by a fly-fishing class in the same meadow. About ten students all throwing a line out on top of a set of frisbees in front of them. There is something for everyone in Atlanta.

Today MOB and I rode our bikes around his neighborhood together. I've been on my bike about once a week since I bought it - managing a little better each time. I am still wearing my brake to its nub on downhills but I'm enjoying it more. My brain may slowly be growing "wired" for bike riding, if not for winning. Biking certainly is more dangerous than running. I don't have time to take in cats chasing squirrels and such, but I love the feeling of wind rushing around me and the fact that I can cover so much more distance.

Of note: my left knee kind of pops when I pedal. Pretty constantly. I don't know if I should be worried considering all the issues I've had with this knee in running. It's not painful as of yet, so I'm just noting this to track how things go.

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Paulie said...

For never having hashed, your hashing lingo is fine. The organized chaos can be quite fun, especially for those of us who aren't in shape enough to flat-out run.