Tuesday, November 20, 2007

After months of draught, rain on race day

Great. Of all days. We haven't had any real rain in months here, as may be widely known by now thanks to our silly governor's much publicized rain-prayer stunt about a week ago. (For the record, I did not vote for that goof.) I know we need it, and it's probably fitting that it would happen on Thanksgiving Day, but couldn't it just hold off until noon or so? I am glad that the temperatures are going to range from high 50s to high 60s, but I would even prefer colder temperatures to the sogginess that's expected on Thursday.

Okay, done whining. Thanks for listening!


Paulie said...

For your sake I hope that the weather report is as inaccurate as it normally is.

I've run the Atlanta Half in the rain and it's not that bad.

I will be at the end waiting and guarding the beer until the hashers come in. Standing in the rain will really stink.

Anne said...

I've run a marathon in the rain, and it kept things cool. Just remember to glide up because the clothes are more likely to chafe. And maybe Mother Nature's just pulling her own publicity stunt too.