Friday, May 9, 2008

Sanibel Island

We ran along the beach two of the mornings that we stayed in Sanibel, just enough to sense the rythym of life there. Just after sunrise, the tide is moving in or out, I don't know, but the fish are close up to the beach bringing the birds and the dolphins in after them.

The water was a bathwater temperature and after each run, I took a dip. On the second day, we walked out in the water to where we'd seen dolphins patrolling each morning and I screeched in surprise when one splashed water just a couple of feet away from where we were standing.

In the late afternoon/early evening, the tide is definitely out and the sand dwellers are revealed. So many shellfish!! Such a variety of life underneath our feet. There seemed to be more people at the beach at this time of day than any other, heads bowed and backs bent sifting through the shells. The dolphins are back on their patrols along the beach, children running alongside them on the shore screaming and pointing. Cries of "Mommy look what I found!" and "Oh my gawd a starfish!" bring in the evening.

The no-see-ums come out at sunset too and even though we prepared this time by showering ourselves in Deet, we came back covered with their itchy purple bites once again. They really really love us.

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Anne said...

Oh, this takes me back. I stayed at a resort there a few years ago and it was like heaven. Lucky you.