Thursday, August 9, 2007

Air Quality Forecast for Atlanta, Georgia: August 9, 2007

Air Quality: Unhealthy
Health Advisory: Everyone, especially people with heart or lung disease (including asthma), older adults and children should cut back or reschedule strenuous activities. Sensitive groups should avoid strenuous activities.

MOB demonstrated an incredible amount of dedication to running this morning by waking at 4am to beat the heat and bad air quality that we're having here in Atlanta. He normally doesn't mind the heat, but the air quality has been measured at unhealthy levels lately and the best air is apparently early in the day.

Inspired by his discipline, I drank two cups of coffee while he ran in the darkness and then set off for a run at 7am. That makes two days in a row of running for me, which is highly unusual. I got to the park just as two groups of bootcampers were leaving. It's really surprising how many people are in the park at dawn during the week.

Running felt not too bad and after 20 minutes, I decided to get in a few intervals on the .52 mile oval. Here are my stats:

first 1/2 mile: 4.23
rest: 2.18
second 1/2 mile: 4.18
rest: 3.14
third 1/2 mile: 4.25

I only got three in but I consider those bonuses since I didn't even plan to run today. My rest periods are the 1/8 mile I walk to get to the next water fountain in the oval. Obviously I was walking quite a bit slower after the second interval!

I'm only minorly disappointed in my times. I know I can run faster, but running has been such a struggle for me lately that I'm happy just to get out there and run in the first place. Hopefully when this heat starts to taper off I'll feel more encouraged and I'll see an 8minute mile again. In the meantime, I am simply trying to keep some semblence of fitness together.

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